M & D Foundations

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Start off on the Right Footing

The success of your building project depends on getting the foundations right. We have the expertise and experience to advise, design and install the right piles for your project, and due to the large range of piling rigs we have available, utilising the most appropriate rig for your scheme will provide the most cost-effective solution.

No two projects are the same, that’s why our qualified engineers design the piling and / or underpinning system that’s right for the conditions, considering for example, the type of structure, loading and access.

Mini-pile systems are ideal for:

  • Locations with restricted access
  • Work inside buildings with minimum headroom of 2.4 m
  • New build foundations
  • Underpinning  structures  
  • Properties affected by subsidence
  • Retaining walls  and retro-fit basements
  • Mezzanine floors

Flexible Construction Packages

We offer a full construction package including mini-piling, reinforced concrete works and full design calculations. Alternatively we can undertake piling installations to your engineer’s designs.  Either way, we’ll work with you to make sure your building is built on foundations that stand the test of time.

Steel Case Driven Piles

Typically considered for use in made grounds, sands / gravels, contaminated ground, ground with high water tables.



  • Straight-forward and cost-effective solution for lighter loads
  • Flexible as piles can easily be cut or lengthened and casings can be supplied in any length and in a wide range of diameters
  • No arisings from the piling operations saving on disposal costs
  • Displacement piles are the preferred option in contaminated ground
  • Useful for restricted access sites when removing spoil is difficult and costly
  • Minimum waste from the piling operations


Pile range and bearing capacities

  • 150mm diameter –  SWL. 100 kN*
  • 220mm diameter –  SWL. 300 kN*
  • 273mm diameter –  SWL. 400 kN*

*Subject to confirmation